Kate's Drawing Board

A sketchblog dedicated to my artwork and poetry. All my work is either original or unoriginal, but all sketched, painted and inked by me.

You can follow my personal blog at http://kittythegrimm.tumblr.com/

Please feel free to enjoy and reblog my work, but please remember to credit me. I did work on it, after all.

Lunar by Kitty-Grimm
Alice by Kitty-Grimm
Hey, guys! 
I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting this page for so long, but my computer hasn’t been working for roughly a month now and I’m trying to earn enough money to either repair it or buy a new one, but the bottom line is that I’m gonna be on hiatus for a little while longer. Not too long, hopefully.
On the bright side, however, I’ve been a busy little beaver with my artwork and have got some new works ahead and I’ve just gotten a commission proposal from Germany today, so let’s hope for the best.
Love you all and take care. <3
Ensnared by Kitty-Grimm
The Selkie and the Sailor by Kitty-Grimm
Kate’s Drawing Board turned 1 today!

So, uh…I have a twitter now.

I’m ashamed of myself too.

The Joker by Kitty-Grimm
For strangereaper.